FOLLOW ME Ubermen Body Spray Style

Body Spray 125 ml
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  • Set yourself free and not bind by any rules
  • Be confidence
  • Enjoy the freedom that is set by you
  • Meant for the extreme lover
  • Be it your Style
  • Get your extreme freedom and enjoy life
  • Help unleash your identity
  • Be confidence while casually running your daily errand
  • It's you determined who you wanna be

UBERMEN Deodorant Body Spray Style - Casual

Soft on the skin, and even softer on the senses. Casually embrace the warm, but potent scents of geranium and sandalwood, perfect for casual hangout sessions, and movie dates. A scent that’s a great everyday all-rounder.

UBERMEN Deodorant Body Spray Style - Freedom Xtreme

Make even the most rigorous days feel like a breeze.
Featuring crisp citrus scents that are full of life and energy, with woody notes to give you an edge, when you’re pushing yourself to the maximum. A scent that’s guaranteed to keep things easy-breezy.

UBERMEN Deodorant Body Spray Style - Freedom

Go about your day smelling like a tropical daydream. Aquatic and citrusy scents to keep you smelling fresh, all-day long, whether you’re stuck at work or on vacation. It’s a scent guaranteed to give you an instantly refreshing sensation.