Lactasoy Soymilk Original (300ml)

300ml Lactasoy Soymilk Original Classic Cambodia. Order now on Cambo Market.
Vendor: Jmart FMCG
750 Ks

9 Amino Acids

Leucine is beneficial for growth, muscle repair, hormone production, wound healing and the brain function.

Isoleucine contributes to regulate blood sugar and energy level. It is necessary for hemoglobin formation and detoxification of nitrogenous waste.

Lysine is required for growth and repair of bone tissue. Lysine also helps the body in calcium absorption and converting fatty acids into energy.

Tryptophan is essential for normal growth in infants and develop nitrogen balance in adults. Serotonin and niacin created by Tryptophan would maintain healthy sleep and enhance a stable mood.

Methionine is involved in detoxifying process that improves the skin, strengthens nails and slows cell aging.

Phenylalanine is important for central nervous system. It has many positive effects for enhancing mood, relieving anxiety and improving motivation.

Threonine plays a critical role in slowing the formation of fatty deposits and the metabolism of fatty. It is useful for preventing indigestion and alleviating anxiety.

Valine is needed for muscle coordination and growth, tissue repair, and energy production. It is also important for the regulation of smooth nervous system.

Histidine  is an amino acid that is used to develop and  maintain healthy tissues in all parts of the body