REMAX RPP-200 50000mAh Hunergy Series 22.5W

REMAX Hunergy Series 22.5W QC+PD Cabled Fast Charging Power Bank 50000mAh/3.7V RPP-200, QC PD Power Bank,50000mAhpowerba, Best Power Bank for iPhone , Android , Xiaomi , Samsung , Huawei , All in one , Cheapest Power Bank
Brand: REMAX
Availability: Out of stock
Vendor: Jmart FMCG
73,000 Ks

Material and Technology (fireproof):PC fireproof material (V0 grade)
Battery Capacity:50000mAh/3.7V
Input Voltage:USB+Micro+Type-C:18W
Output Voltage:Micro+iPH+Type-C+Type-C+USB1+USB2:22.5W
Input Type/Quantity:Micro*1  
Type-c*1       USB*1
Output Type/ Quantity:USB*2        Type-c*1      Micro*1    Type-c*1       Lightning*1
With 4 cables+phone holder.
Two-way fast charge, 18W input and PD20W+QC22.5W output.